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The needs

Burns are one of the most common reasons for severe injuries among children in the third world. Mortality rate is high and survivors will often develop post burn deformities remain handicapped. In Ethiopia today surgical- and rehabilitation capacity is very limited and victims remain handicapped for the rest of their lives. Pediatric burn care in Ethiopia is highly needed and will make it possible to save and improve the lives of thousands of children.

Our cooperating organization, Childrens Burn Care Foundation is planning a 15-20 bed pediatric burn care center. The center will be constructed within the compound of a new, modern teaching hospital in Addis Ababa, Myungsung Christian Medical Centre.

The main goal of our project is to

(1)   Provide necessary equipment for a modern Operating Room. This equipment will make it possible for the foundation to commence important surgeries in the new facility. The project will raise funding for purchase of operating equipment.

A secondary goal of our project is to

(2)   Initiate exchange of competence and establish contact between Norwegian centers of expertise within Health care and similar professionals in Ethiopia.

The project will have a timeframe of two years counting from the Rotary Foundation formal approval.

First year will mainly be spent on fund raising within the Rotary Clubs participating in the project. Information will play an important role and Hans Petter Schjelderup is prepared to visit several Rotary Clubs to inform and promote the project.

Competence development will be initiated within the first year. Purchase of equipment and start-up of surgeries will be carried out in second year.

After the project

The purchased equipment will be the property of Childrens Burn Care Foundation. CBCF will also assume responsibility to utilize the equipment for a number of years. A separate contract with CBCF will be signed by the parties prior to project start-up.

By this arrangement, the Ethiopian community will benefit from the Project for several years.

Project activities
The following activities will be carried out in the partner clubs:
  • Rotary Clubs of Norway to visit Addis Abeba, meeting with partner club, lectures.
  • Meeting with CBCF representatives. See and observe actual burn care.
  • Representatives from international partner club to visit Norway. Lectures in Rotary Clubs. Meetings with competence partner HiH.
  • Competence partner HiH to initiate competence exchange.
  • Lectures by CBCF representatives in participating clubs and other partners.
  • A web site for the Project will be established.
  • Information activities in local media. Written Final report as well as final web site.
  • Representatives of Jimma Central RC will follow the project after Project period and report to other partners.
  • Different Fund raising activities by Rotary Clubs.

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